API Server

For reverse image lookups (similar image search), object detection and face recogintion, HomeGallery uses the its own public API at api.home-gallery.org. This public API supports low powered devices such as the SoC Raspberry PI and all preview images are send to this public API by default. No images or privacy data are kept.

The API server can be configured and ran also locally or as Docker container through xemle/home-gallery-api-server (amd64 and arm64 architecture).

docker run -ti --rm -p 3001:3000 xemle/home-gallery-api-server

and add extractor.apiServer: http://localhost:3001 to your gallery.config.yml. See Configuration section for configuration details.

See Docker Compose section to configure it together with home gallery locally through docker compose or have a look to the packages/api-server of the GitHub repo.