Use Cases

  • You want to browse your photos and videos from your PC on your mobile phone

  • You want to consolidate the media of your different folders to a single pool

  • You still want to browse your media which are stored offline on backup drives

  • You want to export a subset as static gallery for public sharing

Core Features

  • It is fast (by accident) - verify it on the demo gallery

  • Photos and video support

  • Infinite scrolling / infinite photo stream

  • Mobile friendly

  • Similar image search AKA reverse image search

  • Face and object detection

  • Single and multi select tagging

  • Expressive query language for media search or filtering

  • Geo reverse lookup (geo coordinates to localized address)

  • Runs on a SoC Raspberry PI

  • PWA as light mobile app

  • Static site export

  • Fetch remote gallery

  • Cast media to Google Chromecast TV devices

File Format Features

  • JPEG, PNG, TIFF image file format support

  • MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG video file format support (and many more)

  • RAW image support due embedded preview files

  • HEIC/HEIF image support

  • Tags/Labels via XMP sidecar files


  • All users see all media

  • Current tested limits are about 400,000 images/videos

  • The whole database is loaded into the browser and requires recent (mobile) devices and internet connection

  • No support for RAW image formats (yet)

  • No downloads of original media files

  • It requires some terminal/scripting skills

  • There is limited support on installation and usage

HomeGallery is not …

  • an editor for photos or videos

  • a cloud service

  • a commercial product

  • a backup solution