Prebuilt binaries

Download the binary for your platform:

Other download options can be found here. and there are also unstable releases from the current development stage.

A prebuilt binary is a command line application through a selfextracting archive. On the first start it extracts all required files to a temporary directory and starts the gallery CLI. Please be patient on the first start. Future starts skip the extraction and the gallery starts faster.

The gallery CLI requires a gallery.config.yml configuration file and it is created if missing. See Configuration section for details and comments.

By default the HomeGallery stores the configuration files in ~/.config/home-gallery. The generated preview and extracted meta data files are stored in ~/.cache/home-gallery/storage. For docker containers theses directories are different.


On Windows the app might be blocked by the anti virus application and should be allowed manually. The extracted files can be found at %temp% directory.


On Mac the app might be blocked the OS and should be allowed manually. See Open a Mac app from an unidentified developer.


1curl -sL -o gallery
2chmod 755 gallery
3./gallery run init --source ~/Pictures
4./gallery run server &

While your media files are imported open your HomeGallery at localhost:3000 in your browser.

Run the CLI

The CLI with all commands of the gallery binary is started via

1./gallery -h